Torget (Market Place)  Renowned as one of the most beautiful squares in Sweden, with a fountain, greeneries and a stage where concerts take place both summer- and wintertime. Shops and restaurants as well as library, bank and tourist bureau spread around Torget. City walks and Emil walks depart from here. Torget dates back to the end of the 19th century when it was a flat empty ground used for the local markets. Mariannelund Art & Culture Centre    This former industrial area around the railway station has turned into an booming art scene. Several galleries exhibit the works of both local and international artists. Take time to visit Radio-Pelles museum, dedicated to the technical genius Rune Petersson from Mariannelund who became the first man with a television set in Sweden. A whole house dedicated to the films about Emil i Lönnberga is set to open in 2012, until then join Mariannelundguide for Emil walks through Mariannelund. Herrgårdsparken (The Manor Park) This park in the northern part of Mariannelund by the river Brusa dates more than 250 years back when the general Gustav Adolf von Siegroth decided to build a large manor here, along with a large park. He renamed the whole area to Marianalund after his wife Mariana. Today’s park has traces of several ages and styles. Tempelbron (Temple Bridge) connects two parts of the park and is the symbol of Mariannelund (take a look at the local flags around the main square). Sweden’s Oldest Building and Most Beautiful Church Ingatorp 10 km west of Mariannelund boasts both Swedens most beautiful church (as voted by the Swedish people) as well as the oldest wooden- building in Sweden. The house stands next to the church and is 800 years old and has probably been used as a storage place evere since it was built. Trollegata - powerful phenomenon  This 50 meter high ancient wall of solid rock is a popular spot for climbers and the view from the top is spectacular (and frightening). One of Sweden’s tallest trees grow here. The mystical Trollegata is home to many sagas, amongst them Mariannelund’s own sad Romeo and Julia. The whole area of Trollegata is also home to several unique plants because of its cold and wet micro-climate Heritage Villages In these typical Smålandic villages it fells as if time has stood still. The villages have been preserved and remain unchanged for 200-300 years. The villages of Pukulla, Ingatorps Näs, Börsebo, Idekulla, Fågelhult, Åsa, Hässleby Hult, Rumskulla Näs and Grönshult are spread out around Mariannelund. But the villages are no museums, the houses are home to modern people who live modern lives.